Wagering Consultancy


From Retail to Online..

 Cavallo Solutions can help with all aspects of your wagering arm/company. With experience in both retail and online platforms, we can provide advice on the best way forward for you situation.

Start-Up Specialists!

Looking to create a new venture? whether it is part of your racing club or you are looking to be a stand alone wagering company, we can help you get operational. With expert knowledge in all aspects of the industry, we can help you decide on regions for licensing, products and even software/data feeds.

Pari-Mutuel Growth Assistance

We specialise in pari-mutuel wagering growth. Having done extensive study and formulation on revenue growth, we can help your company/club grow its turnover and mitigate any down-turns in revenue.

Not just Racing!

With specialists in both sports and esports, we have a range of products covered. Cavallo Solutions can help you move forward in a variety of areas, not just racing products.